Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New York Times Book Review

The other day we got an email from Laura O'Neill, Photo Editor, The New York Times. Seems they needed some books for an upcoming cover of the New York Times Book Review.  They are planning some sort of MD cover.

Heck ya!

So the above photo shows Nathaniel Brooks, New York Times Photographer, shooting covers of The Moby Dick Collection editions, many of which have been featured in previous blog posts.

The up coming cover will be made up of these photographs from this MOBY DICK COLLECTION!

On the left is a Currier and Ives print of "Little Willie" which had been in White Foam for years. That PRINT is about 150 yrs old.   Its all been kind of a weird and fun summer.

Oh yea, and in 50 years if the NYT Book Review wants to feature covers of Moby Dick, The Moby Dick Collection will still exist (we have made provisions) and be ready to supply, but most of the kindles, IPADs, Nooks, that exist today will be in the land fill, and the Moby Dick edition on them is just digital. Its just digital.

We love ink.

Just got word from the NYT that the 10/23 edition will contain the photos of the covers and there will be a slide show on line beginning a day or two earlier. !

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