Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Melville's Marginalia Online

Here is a fascinating website. Its a digital library of Herman Milville's books. Not only that,  it is a collection of the pages with his markings on them.


  1. Hey, I've been following your page for a while now, and I wanted to say thanks for linking to that page; I spent a year internship working on Melville's Marginalia project. It was super interesting work, balanced by how tedious you can imagine it'd be formatting digital text to mirror the original pages of a book. The research was well worth it, and it added a lot of context and points of discussion for us when we would find his annotations.

  2. I had visited that page a while ago, and found it fascinating. A Melville scholar friend of mine who is working on a Melville book came by and I told her of the site. She was unaware of it. An easy way for me to give her the link was to post it here... HAHA Sometimes we have so many diverse was to communicate.