Friday, December 31, 2010

1984 Bantam Classic, Moby-Dick

A humble gift, with meaning beyond the written word.

Over the years friends and friends of friends, have heard about my obsession, and occasionally they have dropped by and given me their copies of the novel.

Here is the 1984 Bantam Classic, clearly, well read dirt on the edge from fingers, folds on the pages where the reader stopped to rest....

How could a IPAD had that kind of intimacy? oh well...

Zach Cohen gave me this book one day... Zach is a wonderful guitarist and the son of my good long term friend, Lee Cohen.

Zach, mid 20's, read this book in high school, and as he gave it to me, he said: "I didn't like the type, it was hard to read, someone showed me the Norton edition and that was much better, wish I had read that."

Next up: My high school edition, the book that launched an obsession.

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