Thursday, December 30, 2010

1995 Italian Language Edition, Moby-Dick

Moby-DickIn 2003 on Ebay I aquired this edition, #65 in the collection (the collection number is meaningless) and no record has survive of how much I paid for it or from whence it came.

The book is a 1995 printing and on the back cover the price is listed as Lire 17.600 nicely predating the EURO.

I thought it was a bit thin, but what the heck for all I know Italian could be a very precise language so less words are needed. But later I noted the line on the title page: Riduzione e traduzione di Giorgio Bertone. Traduzione could mean translated but what is Riduzione? It seems that means reduced so: drat this is an abridged copy.

This collection is to have no abridged copies, that is my rule, hard and fast... except any book given to me by my soon to be daughter in law, Sasha, she has given me the comic editions and uber abridged editions from her childhood, and those I cherish...

Oh well, so much for hard and fast rules....

So who is Giorgio Bertone? Check here for other books he wrote.
and here

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