Thursday, January 6, 2011

1922 The St. Botolph Society Edition, Moby-Dick

Moby-DickThe St. Botolph Society, Boston, published works thru the first half of the twentieth century.

Researching the St. Botolph Society revealed from their website that under "temporary chairmanship of John Quincy Adams, the name of St. Botolph Club was chosen, after the VIIth century abbot around whose monastery in the fens of East Anglia Botolph's Town, later corrupted to Boston, sprang up. Botolph became patron saint of Boston, England and his spirit latterly migrated to the new city in Puritan New England. He was known for his kindly spirit and good humor."

This volume is marked with a copyright to Elizabeth S. Melville and the date 1892. This copy is the eighth impression, Feb, 1922. Printed in Boston by C. H. Simonds .

The source of the 1892 text for Moby-Dick is something that my friend Dave is working on.. We think, currently, that SBS first published MD in 1919, and the 1892 text came from the United States Book Company.

I bought this book in 2003 on EBAY.

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  1. How much is a book like this worth?

  2. The price: that's a good question. Rare books vary by condition and by demand. Probably not too much, in this case, under $50, but really who knows. I see it listed for high prices.