Sunday, March 3, 2013

1987 MOBY DICK Russian Language

One cold day in the fall, the editor came home from teaching at the local college at which he has a minor teaching gig, to discover in the mail box a package, wrapped and stamped and traveled from RUSSIA.

He was perplexed but assumed that it was just another EBAY purchase that he had lost track of.
Upon, opening however, there was such an intriguing card. "Dear Mr. Pettit, Im a big fan of Moby Dick.... I would like to share this book with you"  - Katya

We were intrigued and after some time searching and emailing we met, on line, Katya and thanked her for this lovely gift to the collection.

In the course of corresponding to Katya, we learned that she is a graphic designer, loves the illustrations, and is fascinated by the story. She came into possession of this book, and as its a duplicate of one she already had, her friend suggested that she send it to us. We are so thrilled and honored of that jesture.

Visit her blog post here.

Chapter XLV The Affidavit
The ship, however, was by no means a large one: a Russian craft built on the Siberian coast, and purchased by my uncle after bartering away the vessel in which he sailed from home.

This is a rare and wonderful gift.


  1. What a generous gift! Спасибо, Катя!
    Readers, go to Katya's blog post to see photos of some of the illustrations from this edition. (They remind me of the Mark Summers plates in the 1994 Barnes & Noble hardcover.) She's also, apparently, a fan of Matt Kish.

  2. No, to be honest, my blog post is about illustrator Boris Anikin, and i compare his works and his method with Matt Kish. As for me it's interesting, but no more than. But this is modern art, and I understand that one of the goals is to astonish and even maybe to shock people.
    And I compare all this this real art and real genius and real hard work.
    That's my point of view.

    Bill, thabk you! I'm really glad you like this edition!