Sunday, August 26, 2012


June and July proved to be months of major events for the editor. My daughter married a wonderful man, Tom. Walking a daughter down the isle is a singular event in a man's life.

We moved our parents into assisted living, and began to care for them in a new way.

Hence the lack of posts.

Saturday, was an amazing day, first I traveled to Arrowhead and sat at Herman Melville's desk and created a small landscape. It is the view he had when he wrote Moby-Dick. I donated it to the Berkshire Historical Society. Then I spent an engaging hour with the dozen or so folks who came to see selections of the Collection.  I brought 20 of the foreign language editions and talked about the collection.

After that I whizzed off to Worcester to participate in my mother's 90th birthday party. Ironically and completely un expected for me, was that Arrowhead was almost right next to the Miss Halls School, where my mother spent her high school years. Having never seen it, I was glad at the happy coincidence.

The staff at Arrowhead is fantastic, and I got a chance to meet Ahab Beckons, our favorite MD blogger.

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  1. Full circle I would say - it must have felt amazing to sit in that chair and look out that window.