Monday, April 9, 2012

This Summer at Arrowhead

The Moby Dick Collection has been invited to participate in this summer's special event at Arrowhead, H. Melville's Pittsfield home. The Title of Arrowhead's program is "The Power of Genius: Landscape and Inspiration" The theme is to highlight Melville's inspiration for writing from the landscape around him and is part of the City of Pittsfield's Office of Cultural Development outdoor art extravaganza "Call Me Melville".

I will be bringing part of the collection for display and giving a talk on it, but excitingly as well, I have been asked to execute a painting on the grounds.  Landscape painting is my passion. How cool is this? Awesome right? and since its Massachusetts: "Wicked awesome".

I take inspiration from the landscape around my home in Albany New York, and from the Hudson River School. The above painting is an example of my work. So I could not think of any better way to spend a weekend this summer, except perhaps at daughter Sarah's wedding in June. Yep, look for another wedding speech coming up.....

The dates and times and logistics are still being worked out, but I am thrilled and humbled at the invitation and have accepted gladly.

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