Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Book Club January 2, 2012 | by Jason Diamond (via)

"Walter Benjamin wrote that in an era when everything was reproduced, nothing had the aura of originality. Now, most men’s clothing is made en masse—and we find ourselves missing the hand stitched. Likewise, many of our libraries consist only of e-books—and our old paperbacks seem to posses a one-of-a kind personality." 

The Book Club January 2, 2012 | by Jason Diamond  suggested by LG


  1. hello Bill
    are you always searching for Moby Dick books????
    i have some...

  2. Yes, JVP, always looking. thanks for reading the blog. send me a list of what you have. I love older copies and copies that are underlined and noted and signed by the owners... Happy New Year.