Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gifts for the Holiday Season

Last Christmas, The Duchess gave us a tee shirt with the cover of the Rockwell Kent edition on it. 

This year we thought that was such a good idea that we searched the internet for some Moby Dick themed gifts for the holiday season.. HAHA  Enjoy, 

My only regret this season is that Olympia is sold out...S, my daughter, who is getting married in June, needs a new clutch.

A hand bag, from Olympia Le-tan    Alas its sold out.   1140 euros!  yikes...
 Its hot stuff but should it be?  Someone else did the book jacket design ... thanks to LG for the tip.

A hoodie, and much more affordable.$45... from Miles to go

From the New Bedford Whaling Museum, Bow Ties!!!! $26.00
Matt Kish's One Drawing for every page... Amazon 

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