Friday, September 9, 2011

The MOBY DICK collection on display, again


Several editions from TMDC will go on display at the Providence Athenaeum as stated in their press release (the Japanese, German and Icelandic editions) :

9/19 – 12/31/11 – “Hark!  The White Whale!”  Moby-Dick Illustrated. Our Moby-Dick program series continues this fall with an exhibition exploring illustrated editions of Moby-Dick including the 1930 edition by Rockwell Kent, along with adaptations from popular culture, including Moby-Dick in comics.  We are also fortunate to have the loan of several foreign language editions of the book from the gracious Moby-Dick collector W. O. Pettit III; The Moby-Dick program series continues as well; please see the calendar cards or website for program details.

Check the Providence Athenaeum website for full listing of the MOBY DICK programs thru the fall.

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