Friday, January 14, 2011

Solar Flare and your Kindle

This is a beautiful little picture.

Shortly after the solar flare goes screaming thru your body, these little books will be sitting there all complacent and ready to be read. Not so your electronic copy of Moby-Dick.

Granted its just one book, but hey, I never forgot seeing Fahrenheit 451 in high school.

A bit of information about solar flares.

"In modern times, the largest solar flare measured with instruments occurred on November 4, 2003 (initially measured at X28 and later upgraded to X45).[8][9] Other large solar flares also occurred on April 2, 2001 (X20), October 28, 2003 (X17) and September 7, 2005 (X17).[10] In 1989, during former solar cycle 22 two large flares occurred in March, 6 (X15) and August, 16 (X20) causing disruptions in electric grids and computer systems.[11] A complete list is available at"

The above taken from the Wikipedia article on solar flares.

Just because we can make something does not mean it is worthwhile. I listened to a friend discuss the merits of reading in bed with her Kindle and travelling with her kindle and that all seemed to make sense. So good for her..

But for me.. nothing will replace the look, feel and smell of a good book... and I can handle a book in bed, and carry a few extra pounds of carry on. I am not that much of a woss...

Just my opinion.

I want to take a moment to thank Matt Kish for the shout out on his blog One Drawing for every page of MOBY-Dick. If you have not seen his blog, it is worth a look!

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  1. I've arrived via Matt, and I'm glad I've found you.
    And yes, the book, always.