Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1976 Moby-Dick, Norton & Company

This is an example of the 1976 Norton edition of Moby-Dick. 1967 was the original Norton printing, this is a reprint copy. Firstly I choose it so that I would have the 1970's covered in the tags, and secondly, I choose it because 1976 is the bicentennial year and I remember fondly how proud we were that this country was 2oo years old!

Noon, 4th of July 1976 all the churches rang their bells (or played the tape), at least they did in Harwichport Massachusetts because I heard them while fishing with my wife off of the Banks Street beach.

I bought this book at the Dog Eared Bookstore in upstate New York in 1999 on my way from Albany to Bennington Vermont.

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